Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last Night's Dinner

Artie is getting on to me about my blog. We were talking last night about how far I've come with my cooking since we got married but still, if I lost my cookbook - it would be like starting from scratch for me. Everything is in there. I don't keep lots of cookbooks, if I cook it and we like it - it goes in my cookbook - that way I can always find the recipe I'm looking for.

Slowly I'm gonna try and transfer the whole thing to my blog. I am gonna try and just list my meals each night or the previous nights (many times my plans change by dinner time) and add in recipes when I have them.

Last night we had a picnic ham (Brenda baked) with pasta & broccoli and then also cheddar and garlic mashed potatoes (Emily cooked both of these). Both the starches were free from past triple sales at Harris Teeter - I don't just buy mixes like that - but if they are free.... :-) We also had some big and little biscuits to eat out ham in. The ham is wonderful. It is one of my best finds in the meat section. I always buy one when they go on sale for $.99/lb. All you have to do is trim it up and then bake in tinfoil for a couple of hours. Of course in our crazy house - all the sharp knives have disappeared and I had to run down to Dollar General and pick up a new knife so Artie could carve the ham!!!

(Artie and I are having a race to see who can lose 30 lbs first. If I win I get a new camera - so maybe I can get some pictures following the later posts on our dinners)

Brenda is working in the kitchen a lot this year in school. Right now on top of her cooking, she is learning how to clean out the frig. She is cleaning out a main shelf and a door shelf each day so it's not too overwhelming for her. Hopefully the top will still be clean by the time she gets to the bottom - but you never know here. She is doing so great with her cooking.

Brenda has also made an inventory of all the food in both freezers, the pantry, the hutch and the food cabinets. When she is done cleaning the frig - she will do one there too. Later we will work on learning how to make the menus using the food already in the house.

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