Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday's Night at the Quinn Home

Tuesday's night dinner was prepared by Brenda and Emily. We knew we had a crazy evening, so early in the day Brenda cooked up a couple of huge slices of country ham. We are now having to hide anything cooked or thawing out - Princess, the cat formally known as Prince - will eat through any type of covering to get to meat!!! So we hid the cooked ham in the microwave until dinner was ready. Later in the afternoon, Brenda cooked up 2 dozen scrambled eggs to go with the ham. That was dinner - no grits, no biscuits - that's all we had time for!! (Emily did make some brownies for dessert though~~~~)

Artie got home just in time to take Bobby to gymnastics. I took Stephen to his first wrestling practice - it was a blast. We usually don't like to have so many nights during the week where we are out of the house - but this is the first time the twins have been involved in any outside activities and we didn't want to make them do the same thing when their personalities and interests are so different. So we all rushed home, met up and carved the pumpkin (nothing like waiting til the last minute). Artie wanted me to take a picture of our Quinn pumpkin (it looks like one of our kids) - and I reminded him of the camera situation. I told him he could just go ahead and forfeit the contest and buy the camera and he said he would wait!! He's so sure he's gonna win. So, in the midst of the craziness last night - we missed the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!! Will my little kids ever recover? My older children never had such abuse!!!

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