Friday, November 23, 2007

The Big Day

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!! The girls took on Thanksgiving as a homeschool project. They totally cooked the whole meal - from planning and shopping to setting the table and cooking. It was a great success. Artie was so proud - telling everyone that his girls (only 12 and 7 years old) were cooking his Thanksgiving dinner for him!! I don't think the men at work could imagine them being able to pull that off!

Here is Brenda breaking up the biscuits for the dressing

and with the cornbread. Mimi's dressing turned out sooooo good. Definitely one of my childhood favorites.

Artie carved the turkey - always his job. He likes to sneak in and eat the turkey skin. I told the children they were gonna have to have their own house and cook there own turkey there before they will be able to try some turkey skin. It's all Daddy's here!!! :-)

I think Terry's ready to eat!!!

The girls did such a great job setting the table. After Artie carved the turkey, we ran everyone out of the dining room to prepare. Artie's job was to clean up the little boys and have them all ready. The girls were busy setting the table, finishing up the rolls and changing into presentable clothes (original clothing slightly covered from the day cooking!!). The candles were lit and the gentlemen were invited in.

The girls pose with their table.

What a pair!!!

Just before the blessing. Troy's dying to eat!!! You would have thought he hadn't eaten in weeks. God's been so good to us this year. It was so wonderful to have all the children around the table.

Me and Brenda

Artie and Brian

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Anonymous said...

Brenda & Emily I am sooooo proud of you. Your food and table and you look wonderful! You are blessed to have such a great Mama to teach you all of these wonderful things! Kelly it looked so good to see everyone around the table, your house looks beautiful! I am sooo glad you got a camera!
love ya