Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Day Before....

Thanksgiving plans are well underway. The turkey is thawing (hiding in the oven - our cat is terrible about getting into food thawing!!), the pies are setting up in the frig (Brenda cooked 2 peanutbutter pies yesterday in school), and the living room is cleaned. Still a long way to go, but we've started. I've got Chris Tomlin playing in the background. The Amazing Grace song is definitely my favorite right now - and seems so perfect for Thanksgiving!!

I went to Goodwill today and bought some new dishes and glasses. I got the dishes all mix and match, but all in yellows and blues. They look great together. I also picked up some new drinking glasses for everyone. You might not believe it - but dishes and glasses don't really last long around here. :-) Paper plastic plates are fine for everyday, but I wanted something pretty for lunch tomorrow. I read the best article yesterday on at Large Family Mothering on "we don't cry over spilt dishes". It was a mother of 12 talking about this same thing - she said... "I have found a solution that works, at least for us. I just buy whatever looks "cute" to me at garage sales and the Goodwill--no matter if it matches or not. It is so fun to shop for dishes and mugs now. I came away with 15 new mugs from the Goodwill today for an average of $.20 a piece! They had all sorts of patterns, and the kids helped me pick them out. We enjoy our dinners with an array of color choices, sort of an eclectic "country" look."

So, I spent less thank $10 and got 10 plates and 8 glasses. All the glasses have tall stems and look really pretty. The littles are very exciting about the "fanciness"!! :-) Brenda is even exciting and waiting on the dishwasher to finish to get them washed up.

So, we still have lots to do today. We will cook the cornbread and biscuits for the dressing, put the green beans and potatoes in the crock pot, probably peel the potatoes and have them soaking in the frig, clean the dining room and kitchen and then there is the usual meals to fix today and clothes to wash. We'll save the turkey, macaroni and cheese, corn, and bread to fix tomorrow. I think we aren't eating until about 4:00 - Brian's gonna be able to come - God is good!!! (he's also coming today to take Troy out for lunch and spend some time with him)

I'm hoping to do a little shopping tomorrow and a lot on Friday morning early!!! (is there any other time to shop on Black Friday?) I'm working really hard to keep it Black Friday and not turn it into RED Friday!!! Cash only again this year!!! Praise God for teaching us so much about debt and money!!

Okay, enough time here, I'm off to wash, cook and clean!!!

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Anonymous said...

I sure wish I could have a piece of Brenda's PB pie! You should put your recipes on your blog!!