Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving turkey
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Brenda and I just planned out our Thanksgiving meal. Here is a run down of the Quinn Family Thanksgiving. All our favorites...

Mimi's dressing
Mashed potatoes
Green beans with little potatoes- yummmmmm (Brenda's favorite)
Creamed corn
Mimi's Macaroni and cheese
and of course sweet tea!!

with Mimi's Peanut butter pie for dessert. Kinda looks like it's gonna be Mimi's thanksgiving doesn't it!! :-) Mimi and Granddaddy will be eating thanksgiving with my aunt Trisha this year again.

We also just had Thanksgiving with Artie's family Sunday afternoon - it was yummy too. We took mashed potatoes, broccoli pasta, and a soda. With so many of them, we don't each have to fix a lot.

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