Saturday, July 21, 2007


We had such a fun weekend camping.

The sun set was very pretty the first night there. Artie, Marshall, and Ryan got most of the tents set up before we got there. I brought all the children a little later (we had been at Emily's Girls Scout program in Spartanburg - Artie left and went straight to the camp and I went home and got the other children and finished packing the car)

We stayed busy playing all weekend. Brenda's baiting someone's fishing line - she's definitely her daddy's girl - didn't get that from me~~~~ My Papa Troy would have been proud!!

Bobby had a lot of fun swimming in the lake. He would just get off in his own world floating in his life jacket. He reminds me a lot of Troy when he was younger.

Troy spent most of his weekend playing with Ryan. They canoed all over the lake and swam all the way across a couple of times. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but my camera wasn't cooperating.

Stephen had a good time swimming and fishing in the lake. (Adam is canoeing with Troy in the background)

Emily fishing. She said she had a good time even though she didn't catch anything this trip.
Terry caught his first fish, then he caught a snapping turtle and then another fish. All right in a row - every time he threw his line in the water. The other children were all screaming!! It's amazing any fish stayed nearby. Stephen and Bobby also caught their first fish - but my camera didn't want to take any more pictures~~ 10 children kept the dock pretty active all weekend. I'm sure the fish were ready for a break after we left!!
Artie and Emily, Terry fishing, Troy and Adam coming in from canoeing.

Cassie, Brenda and Emily always have a good time together!!!

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