Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Frugal Luxuries - Caretaker of Happiness

From Frugal Luxuries by Tracey McBride
Part II: Food

Chapter 7: Every Day a

Caretaker of

"You are the caretaker of your own happiness. As such, you must discover the positive pleasure in performing the tasks that enhance the essence of life

  • Collecting, preparing, and preserving food
  • Feeding an empty stomach with wholesome tasty, nourishing fare
  • Relaxing in a thoroughly cleaned home (preferable your own)
  • Settling to sleep on sweet-smelling sheets that are freshly laundered

(I just got the best smelling linen water from Scentennials. I love spraying a little spray over the sheets when the bed's made. Very summery smelling to me.)

  • Awakening your senses via working in your vegetable or herb garden
  • Learning an interesting, useful skill"

I also got some new scented drawer liners for my new vanity from Scentennials as well. Hopefully pictures will be up soon. I'm in the middle of painting my bedroom and swapping out furniture...

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