Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day/Brian's Birthday Camp Out

Uncle Bryan was tired of looking at our old tent. I don't even think I have a picture of it. I gave it to Artie the first Christmas we were married. It has been kept together with duct tape the last couple of years but still has a good bit of hard camping left it in... So, Bryan sent us a new tent - a condo lodge!!

Brenda helping to set it up

Wow, it's big. 3 rooms - boys, girls, mama and daddy

Bobby showing off on the dock.

Brian's girlfriend, Lauren came. She thought she "didn't do lakes" - she found out differently. This was her first ever camping trip, first s'more and the first time she caught a fish.

Daddy teaching Emily to shoot ... what is it you call those things?

Brian helping Artie tear down the tent. Brian turned 20 on Sunday. I made his spaghetti for his birthday dinner. The kids loved their presents to him - a flashlight, basketball cards, a chess set, a green water bottle, and a dice set to play "Greedy" with.

Going home

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