Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Food Week

Beginning last summer we began eating around the produce on sale each week. Our first big week was Blueberry. Here, here and here are more blueberry posts.

Next we had Peach week.

Here is Strawberry week from this year.

We have now added to also eating around the sales at Aldi's - who have great produce. Last week Aldi's had a gallon of milk on sale for .50. I guess they had a big overstock. By the end of the week they were .10 each. I bought 6 at a time, almost every day. I froze some, we cooked
muffins, pancakes, we drank chocolate milk and made milkshakes. It was yummy and cool!!!

Along with the milk, Aldi's had big bags of oranges on sale for .99 each. I started with 6 bags. The children had oranges for snack. Emily and I made Honey Orange muffins for Sunday morning breakfast on Saturday afternoon. We also made a Orange Salad for dinner Saturday night. Tonight we are having an orange pie for dessert. I have already forgotten where I got the recipe but here it is...

Orange Pie, Grape Pie, Key Lime Pie - Same Recipe with different Kool-Aid

Mix together:

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tub of Cool Whip
packet of Kool-Aid (optional 1 tsp of fruit juice - we used fresh squeezed orange juice)

Pour into pre-made graham cracker crust pie shell

Chill 1 hour before serving

I hope it turns out good...

This one looks prettier, I think I might copy the oranges on the top...

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