Monday, June 21, 2010


Artie and I have been working in the garden all weekend (when we weren't celebrating Father's Day or swimming at the lake or visiting Granddaddy and Daddy).

The tomatoes had over taken the garden. They have gotten so big. Here they are from the start and next. Artie made up some tomato stakes and we finally got them all tied up!!! Whooo!!!

(don't look at the broccoli, it's almost done and doesn't look very pretty!!!)

They are all up off the ground and have plenty of room to keep growing. I need to plant some more marigolds down the side!!! They look so pretty up against the tomatoes.

I've gotten the outside all weeded but now time to do inside!!! :-) So, don't look at the weeds either!!! ;-)

Here are some of our Roma tomatoes.

Here is today's harvest (along with some green tomatoes ripening from the weekend - those who got accidentally knocked off while we were tying up the plants).

Time for some salsa!!!!

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