Monday, July 23, 2007

$1008 worth of groceries for $145!!! - Triples Coupons at Lowe's Foods

I had my best ever one day shop and best triple sale shop too this past weekend!!! (the picture is from the first shop on Thursday - sorry the picture isn't the best - there was a bad glare from the window)
Thursday, Brenda and went to Lowe's Foods in Gastonia (about 40 minutes away). We each did 6 shops (you could only do 20 coupons per order - so we went through 6 times) - for a total of 12 shops.
Our total bill before coupons was $711.68 we only paid $89.57 - a savings of $622.11!!!! What a shop.
Artie and I went back on Saturday. We went through 3 times each and our total was $297.08 before coupons. We paid $58.94 - saving $238.14!!! Artie was so funny. He couldn't do anything but laugh at the register!!! :-)
So our family total for the triple sale was $1008 worth of groceries for $145!!!! WOW oh WOW!!! :-)
There is another triple sale coming up this weekend (Thurs - Sat) at Harris Teeter. I usually go to the store in Shelby. It is only about 30 minutes from our house. I pack up the coolers to keep the cold items in and head out. Brenda will probably go with me and help out. Wow, if I had learned to shop like this before I was married - we would be way ahead financially where we are now!! Better late than never I guess! :-)

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