Monday, July 23, 2007


Sunday, Artie's work sent all their employees and their families to Carowinds. We had such a good time. We meet and had lunch provided for us - hot dogs and hamburgers. I got to meet a lot of the people I hear about every day from Artie's office.

We split up - Troy and Brenda went to ride the Borg (a 1 1/2 hour wait) and Artie and I took the littles to the Nickelodeon rides. Everyone had such a good day. Stephen, Bobby and Terry rode their first roller coaster and first bumper cars. Terry was the funniest!!! He was terrified on the roller coaster and loved it - they rode it four times!!

We spent most of the afternoon on that side of the park - Troy and Brenda came and rode the little cars with us. We all met back up in the water park. The littles played in the wave pool. It was a great day!!

My camera is still acting up, but I found some pictures on Flicker of our favorite things.

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