Monday, July 23, 2007

School Book Preparations - Brenda

Mary Cassatt_The Cup of Tea
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Here is my best shot at listing Brenda's books. I'm still working on lots of her preparation. She is doing Marbleised Pre-year 7 and Keepers at Home - Year 2.

Here is her book list...


Devotional -
Mere Christianity - CS Lewis
Pursuit of God - Tozer
Pursuit of Holiness - Bridges

Bible History - Trial and Triumph

History -
Augustus Caesar's World
The Story of the World - Modern Age
Story of the Greeks
Story of the Romans

Biography - beginning with Mother Teresa
Ruth Bell Graham
Amy Carmichael
Sara Edwards

Geography - this will be a study corresponding with her biographies - beginning with India

Nature Study - School of the woods

Math - Saxon 87

Spanish - still looking

Poetry - still looking

Literature -
Pilgrims Progress
Anne of Green Gables
Little Women
Little Men
Little House Series - book 2
Shakespeare - Charles Lamb

Artist appreciation - studying Mary Cassatt (pictured - The Cup of Tea) first quarter

Composer appreciation - studying Keith Green first quarter

Memorization - beginning with the greatest commandment

Physical Science - Apologia

Science Biographies-

Keepers at Home - Subjects:

Cooking - Amish
Home Management/Cleaning
Sewing (from year 1)
Gardening - Four Season Harvest
Knitting? (from year 1)
Godly Womanhood (with Emily)
~Beautiful Girlhood
~Making my Room Special
~Spirit of Loveliness (Emilie Barnes - Emily's namesake)
~Welcome Home (Emilie Barnes)

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