Monday, July 09, 2007

Today at the Quinn's

Fresh Corn
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Today was Emily's first day at Girl Scout Camp!! She will go all week. I have such good memories of GS camp. She is at Camp Mary Elizabeth - me and my mama spent many camping trips there!! :-)

Troy took Stephen and Terry swimming with the church. Stephen can swim under water now.

Bobby wasn't able to go, he still has stitches in his pinkie toe (sliced it last weekend on Troy's truck's windshield wipers - 5 stitches). He is going to see if they will take them out tomorrow morning.

Brenda spent the day getting ready for a beach trip to Charleston tomorrow. She is going with a friend from church. They are gonna stay a week. She has washed her clothes and has almost everything laid out to go. If I could just get her to clean her room before she leaves.

(For those keeping up - we still haven't heard from Brian. Gaffney High School called today about Brian's registration and I had to tell them he wouldn't be there in the fall.)

I spent the day packing lunches, taxing everyone around to their different activities, sweeping, washing dishes, stopping by the store (twice - got some good deals at an Eckerd's that has been bought out by Rite Aid), cooking a little supper (Artie grilled), and cleaning out a desk drawer.

Tonight's Dinner

Grilled chicken with smokehouse BBQ sauce
Corn on the Cob
Caesar Pasta Salad

Artie and I are fixing to watch Freedom Writers - I hope it's good. Gwyn recommended it. I don't like Hillary Swank (she has a problem with gender roles I think - acting like a boy, boxing, just not my cup of tea) - so it's already got one strike against it.

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