Sunday, March 29, 2009

Charming the Birds from the Trees

I found a new blog recently that I love - it's called Charming the Birds from the Trees. It is written by a young mama with two children named Emma. Here is her bio:

I am a twenty-nine year old Orthodox Christian who is happily married to an Orthodox priest. I am a mama to two little ones (Sugar Plum is two and a half and Little Man is one) and I enjoy trying to create a peaceful and lovely life for my sweet family!

One of my favorite posts I've found on her blog is a series of teaching called Finishing School. There are posts on several different topics - my favorite being on Femininity throughout the Seasons. I love the change of seasons and have begun notebooks with ideas for each month. I get so inspired by Dawn's seasonal notebooks at By Sun and Candlelight. All her notebooks inspire me.

There is a great one of her clipboard. I am fully using mine right now. It currently holds:

the upcoming April calendar (time to transfer to my bulletin board)

today's to do list - getting longer by the minute

grocery list

menu plans for the week

Bi-lo and Ingles sales items for the week

page on Easter plans - still mostly blank letting me know there's some planning to be done!!

bills to pay today

questions and to do list to talk over with Artie

Terry's birthday party plans - 4 wheeling!!

Beginning summer plans - teaching new chores, reading club, activities, calendars to do - 40 or

so days of school left?

spring cleaning lists I'm working on

some notes about a surprise for Artie for Father's day

today's updated bank account balance

and back to the start of this post - my upcoming spring plans!!

Artie has finally after all these years made peace with the fact that I can't work or do anything in my head - it all has to be down on paper for me to be able to think clearly. :-)

So, I love Emma's list of Spring ideas and will be making plans accordingly.

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Mat. Emily said...

Thanks, Kelly! I am glad that you enjoy the blog:)