Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Week 1

I did start on my Spring Cleaning, but I definitely didn't get finished what I wanted to. There is always so much to do...

I guess a little is better than none; and I'm not finished, still working, just behind where I wanted to be.

I started the first day with my planning and then moved to my bedroom. I decided that it needed the most attention and would be most appreciated by Artie (who also got in the act a little).

So, here's my list so far and what's left...


  • yard sale at a friend's
  • wash little boys' clothes
  • hang Troy's sheets and comforter (Troy washed earlier in the day)
  • wash a load of dishes in the dishwasher
  • begin in bedroom - take all dirty clothes to laundry room and sort
  • empty trash can and replace with new bag
  • put up all shoes
  • fold up 3 baskets of clean clothes and put away
  • open bedroom's outside door and air out bedroom
  • wash our sheets and comforter
  • dry little boys' clothes
  • wash another load of dishes in dishwasher
  • plan dinner - eggs, bacon, grits and biscuits
  • run to grocery store - bacon, grits, biscuits
  • wash all little boys sheets
  • dry our sheets and comforter
  • fold up little boys' clothes and put up
  • pick up floor and sweep
  • move bed and clean underneath
  • sweep and mop under bed
  • while bed is moved, take down curtains and wash window and sill
  • take off dust ruffle to wash
  • pack one box of Artie's winter clothes
  • remake bed with clean covers
  • wash little boys' new clothes from yard sale
  • dry little boys' sheets
  • move Artie's dresser - clean, sweep and mop behind - how does so much junk end up BEHIND and UNDER furniture?
  • move bedroom frig - clean, sweep and mop behind
  • wash frig - inside and out
  • dinner time - Brenda cooked - paid job - working for cell phone money
  • have little boys make up their beds
  • fold up little boys' new clothes and put up
  • move night stand - clean, sweep and mop behind
  • move hope chest - clean, sweep and mop behind - Brenda
  • fold more clothes from the laundry room and put up
  • mop bedroom - Brenda
  • clean out all dresser drawers
  • clean off dresser - Brenda


  • load dishwasher
  • wash bedroom curtains
  • fold Troy's clothes
  • pack one box of snow clothes
  • pack one box of winter consignment clothes
  • unpack one summer box
  • clean out nightstand drawers
  • wash outside door windows
  • rehang curtains
  • plan grocery list for dinner
  • wash dust ruffle
Artie cleaned out all his dresser drawers on Monday for me while he was off. He also steadied a new bookshelf for the little boys and hung my new bulletin board for me by the computer desk.

So, not near as much done on Monday - I have regular life I still have to be working with....

Still to do in bedroom:
  • wash outside of windows
  • clean out hope chest
  • flip mattress and replace dust ruffle
  • dust light fixture
  • wash mantle
  • wash walls
  • one more good straightening of all dressers tops and polishing furniture
  • one more good sweeping
  • empty trash again
Since Monday I haven't done any of my Spring Cleaning. It's just so hard to do with all the regular things that need to be done. My goal from here on out - on school days - is to do at least 15 minutes of extra work a day. Still not the way I would like it - but better than nothing!!

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