Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pinewood Derby - Stephen

My friend, Daniel, was learning about the Pinewood Derby in a Weekly Reader type paper in his school (in Asia). He was asking his mom about it and she told him it was something little boys used to do in the states. They were surprised to find out that our boys were fixing to compete in their Boy Scouts. So, Daniel has been waiting on my to finally get the pictures up. Hope you enjoy Daniel. :-)

Stephen's Hummer

The competition - Wolf Cubs - That Batman car was fast!!

Stephen won most creative for the Wolves - it came down to him and Bobby. They also raced each other - it was like the wrestling tournament all over again - ALMOST!!

Here is a video of one of Stephen's races. The sound on our computer isn't working, so I'm not sure how this sounds, but it is a good view of Stevie's race.

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