Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Although it is still almost a week until Spring officially begins, Spring fever has hit in the Quinn home. Last week was beautiful - temps in the 80's some days - this after the week before having 10 inches of snow!! Today it's in the high 30's and raining with rain forecast for the rest of the weekend.
Today I am mostly planning my strategy. I started great last year, but ran out of time to do all I wanted before Easter. Hopefully starting earlier, I will have a better run.
I am starting with the same principles I did last year -
washer and dryer always running (using clothesline when weather clears)
folding and putting up clothes as they come through...
continually running dishwasher
unpacking one spring box and packing one winter box a day (not so sure about packing winter clothes when we just had our big snow two weekend ago?)
Now to plan my attack a little more thoroughly...

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