Thursday, June 13, 2013

ETC - Dunklin's Beginning


Evans Training Center

Guess ETC begins with Dunklin

"Dunklin Memorial Church was founded by Mickey and Laura Maye Evans in 1962 in a wilderness area of Martin County for the purpose of building a “city” for the spiritual, emotional, and physical regeneration of alcoholics and drug addicts."

Men started coming to Dunklin and found more than sobriety, they found a "permanent, lasting relationship with God. They were no longer considered “the problem,” but now a solution to that problem."

They saw that the families of these men needed healing too.  They reached out through "groups and Biblical counseling sessions every weekend. Each member of the family receives guidance and spiritual instruction in the rebuilding of family life."

Dunklin has grown into a thriving church body and ministry training center.  The model is being replicated all over the world. 



  • Dunklin recognizes Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of the ministry.
  • Dunklin provides a healthy environment, biblical instruction, and work opportunities for men trapped in the bondage of chemical addiction.
  • Dunklin pursues family restoration and strives to equip each member to have a personal relationship with the Lord."

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