Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Introduced Katy yesterday, (yesterday being the last time I blogged)  :-)  time to introduce Hunter. 

Hunter has been around even longer than Katy. . .

Hunter is Brenda's boyfriend.  At first he was known as Hunter #2, since Brenda's very first boyfriend was named Hunter also.  Now he's be here long enough to go from Hunter #2 to "that boy" to just being Hunter. 

Hunter is very good to Brenda which is very important to Brenda's mama!!!  :-)  and he makes her laugh, which is a large part in why I chose Brenda's daddy - he makes me laugh still!!  

Somehow is harder to allow your daughter to grow up and fall in love than it is your sons.  Would any of you want to have to have a man to man talk with Artie about his little girl and your intentions towards her????  :-) 

Here are some of the pictures I've missed posting over the last two years. 

This is Brenda and Hunter's Senior Prom.  She looked so pretty.  He cleaned up well too.  All the pictures following Hunter has long hair.  He cut it right after graduation, so I will have to put up a new picture of them when I get one.

Christmas at Aunt Carolyn's

Celebrating their 2 year dating anniversary.  They remind me a little of me and Artie but a lot more mature than we were at that age...

I took them to the park and took some pictures for them. 

At the beach with Hunter's family.  They seem to love her as much as he does.  His church does too. 

Hunter doesn't really care about sports too much, but will pull for Carolina with Brenda.
We love Hunter and they have such a bright future ahead of them.  Can't wait to see how God uses them. 

Tomorrow I will introduce ETC...  :-)

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