Friday, June 21, 2013

Teeny Tiny Thoughts... #2

Teeny Tiny Thoughts #2

Today's Teeny Tiny Thoughts

  • I am trying to clean out my email account - old, old stuff!!
  • while cleaning out my email - I found free coupons for Terry and Bobby and Stephen to Sonic.  Do you get their free Wacky Packs for the kids birthdays? 
  • Bobby had to go home from the library for me and get my card so I could put some money on my account so I could print the coupons out. 
  • worth it for a nice free lunch
  • we're having egg salad sandwiches for dinner tonight
  • went to Aldi's today - love that store
  • also found a $1.99 coupon for Sonic to cover Emily   :-)
  • Brenda is working at Medicine Mart this afternoon, she babysat Joseph and Luke this morning - what a great job - she gets paid to go sit by the pool... 
  • Emily has begun walking
  • Stephen and Bobby are playing on the computers at the library while I'm writing
  • Terry is playing with his friend CJ
  • watching The Family Meal Table by Nancy Campbell tonight from Netflix
  • just finished What If with Kevin Sorbo from Hercules, didn't know he was a Christian - good movie, I'm gonna have to get it and bring it to Troy
  • coupons printed for Sonic
  • computer time is up for today, will continue my Teeny Tiny Thoughts tomorrow

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