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A dream becomes a reality
Evans Training center is a Christian discipleship program, right here in the upstate, for men coming out of addictions. The center believes that “the Christian approach to alcohol and drug addiction produces the most effective and enduring results”.
Ben Dismukes is a living testimonies that this core belief holds true. Not only does he run the center but he has overcome addictions in his own personal life. 

Ben Dismukes, now clean for eight years, shares his story and his desire to help others find the same freedom. He refers to himself as a “blessed man.” He is thankful for what the Lord has done in his life and he wants to give back.

The vision for the center was birthed many years ago in the hearts of Robby and Vida Dismukes, Ben’s parents. They were greatly impacted by a program at Dunklin, in South Florida, where their son was receiving help at the time. The regular trips to visit their son had become tiresome. They questioned why their own city did not have a place where they could find help. The Dunklin center clearly made a strong impression on these parents. What they experienced there was a wonderful atmosphere that embraced and ministered to the whole family. They desired to see this kind of program here in their own city. Robby Dismukes is President of the Evans Training Center.
Evans Training Center is modeled after Dunklin. At Evans, the same kind of environment concerned with the healing and restoration of the family is a priority. Counselors work with the wives of men in the program who are willing to press through the pain.

Evans Training Center is an eight month, in residence program. The program addresses the spiritual, mental and physical issues involved with addictions. The men are working through issues and dealing with all areas of life. They are taking ownership and responsibility. They are making amends. They are forgiving themselves and other people. Before they leave the program there is not anything that they haven’t dealt with in their lives. When they leave they are without excuse. They are no longer victims of circumstance. They have healed hearts and a fresh start.

In addition to discipleship and counseling, the men are assigned to a daily work program. Sundays are days when families are encouraged to come and spend the day. The staff is a big part of this family time, bringing their own families, cooking together, eating together and worshipping together. They are truly living examples and role models to the men in this program.

Evans Training Center is located at Restoration Church in Spartanburg, SC. They can be contacted at (864) 506-5652 or Read more about their mission and program at and be sure to check out their facebook page.

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