Monday, June 17, 2013

ETC's Beginning

Yesterday I began to introduce you to ETC.  Then I realized that I couldn't tell you about ETC without telling you about Dunklin
Now I guess you're wondering how Dunklin moves into ETC. 
This is the most simpled down post I've ever written..... 
A long time ago when Artie was a youth pastor, we had a young man in our youth group.  He and his family were very special to us.  We loved him like one of our own sons. 
As he grew up he grew away from God, his family, his church.  He became involved in drugs and they nearly took his life.  He sacrificed everything he had for them. 
When he was at his lowest and his family had prayed for God to save him, they found a place in Florida called Dunklin that helped men in his situation. 
He went to Dunklin and found the forgiving goodness of God. 
Fast forward a couple of years. 
The young man moved through the programs at Dunklin.  He married a wonderful girl who had also been in our youth group and we loved as well.  He and his family were so excited about what was happening at Dunklin, they wanted the same thing for the men in this area.
ETC was born...

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