Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Artie's family

Here are some pictures of Artie's family. He has such great brothers and sisters. There are seven of them too. His mama got all the same silly questions I did - "you know what causes that don't you?". She even had a man in Sunday school one day tell her that only dumb people had lots of children. Wonder where he is today while she is surrounded by all her grown children who have turned out wonderfully - especially that baby boy!! :-)

The boys are - Terry (tan shirt), Brian (plaid), and Artie and the girls are Carolyn (orange flowery), Kathy (pink), Janice (stripped), and Glenda (blue - Glenda was having a tall moment!) .

Brian lives in Florida but is working towards moving back to SC one day soon and Janice lives in Charlotte now after spending many years in Florida also. Everyone else lives nearby in Boiling Springs and Inman.

Hey, look how cute the guy in the rust colored shirt is!!!!!!!

They are a rowdy bunch, huh? :-)

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Shay & Gwyn said...

What a Motley Crew! Everyone looks good! I'm glad you're back to the blogging world - I missed reading about your world.
Less than 6 weeks! Do you still have me penciled in?!?!?