Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Disney's Enchanted -

So, this is my current favorite song of the week. I'm trying to get Brenda to learn it with me so we can teach the littles, but she is not amused!!!

Movie not appropriate for little children - Rocky. (What's wrong with their mother that she would let them watch such a movie with all that language?) I just remembered what a good and inspiring movie it was. It had been probably 20 years since I had actually seen the movie. I was a lot less discriminate back then!! :-) The language didn't even register in my brain.

Appropriate for children - Enchanted.

I loved this movie. (There were some intense scenes for little children with the witch (who we had just watched as Marmee last week in Little Women!!), the old woman and dragon.) But, considering the night before, we had let them watch Rocky, it wasn't too bad. :-) The best part was when he sang to her!!! :-)

And Pip was so cute too!! Especially when he was doing charades saying "It's good"~~~~~

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Shay & Gwyn said...

I can't believe you like the first video with all the rats and bugs, you've come a long way!! I guess I wouldn't mind them if they cleaned like that huh!?!
We liked the movie too!