Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Emily's New Doll

Here is Emily's new doll. We were watching the Waltons one day - Emily and I taking notes on how the women acted - me mostly focusing on Livie and Grandma - and Emily studying Elizabeth.

One thing we noticed was how well Elizabeth took care of her doll. Then we compared how Emily's dolls were scattered over the floor in her room and through her toy box, not being loved at all.

We decided that Emily just had too many baby dolls to care for. We gathered up all her babies and gave them to to Goodwill and then Emily got to go shopping and pick out a new baby ~ ONE new baby ~ to love and care for.

This is the doll, her name seems to change often - so far she has been Olivia, Dolly, Elizabeth, Emily, Gracie.

Today she is known as Emily's doll~~ :-)

Currently she is resting lovingly on Emily's bed. She has been all over town with us - to the grocery store, Wal-Mart, the gas station. She was even allowed to go to Charleston with us (I hope to post on that trip soon). Emily rocks her, talks with her, washes her clothes ~ the first day Emily had to feed her before she could even get out of bed. In the picture, she was on her way to church. She stays in the car during our time inside.
It was a good move for Emily ~ she has had hours of fun with her new friend and has taken much better care of her than she did of her piles of dolls before. Maybe next we can work through her stuffed animals??? :-)

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