Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Little Rascals

Another movie the children have loved is The Little Rascals. First they watched the newer version. They were in stitches watching Alfalfa dancing in a tutu. They went out that afternoon and made a couple of boxes and an old pedal car they had into "The Blur". That turned into days of fun.

Here is a picture of their "Blur". Bobby was the driver in the picture. This was weeks after they originally made it and right before it finally fell apart. I just had to get a picture of what was left. :-)

The week before we went to Charleston, we received the original Little Rascals from Blockbuster Online.
Again, they roared with laughter at all the antics. It's funny to watch it again now after all these years have passed. It is definitely not politically correct ~ there is drinking, stealing, smoking, violence, pants ripped off /showing underwear for laughs and kids running wild & unsupervised through the neighborhood. All back in the days when children didn't have to worry about child predators and evil things like that and could run and play wherever they wanted as long as they were home by dark. I could never let my kids out of my sight like that in these times!! Spanky had the best laugh - how can you not smile when you hear him!!!! A great laugh for my kids!!!

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