Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Hardy Boys

When Troy finally began to like reading (in the third or fourth grade??) it was from reading The Hardy Boys mysteries. He read all he could get his hands on. He had many at home and then read all the school had. The librarian even ordered more for him to read. It definitely started him down a great path loving books. (His current favorite author is Frank Peretti)

So in looking for some fun movies for us to watch, I stumbled on the old Hardy Boys series. I loved this when I was growing up. Shaun Cassidy? Who could resist. It has been fun watching them and Nancy Drew as well. All the children are hooked. Stephen is the funniest. If he gets a little scared wondering what is going to happen next, he stands up and backs out of the room, but never takes his eyes off the TV. It's so great, because everything is always figured out - there isn't a ghost or a pirate or any other crazy thing - just the bad guy who always gets caught. I so hate all the CSI type shows where you have to look inside dead bodies and watch people do every imaginable evil thing. It's fun to just be able to watch a mystery with the kids and know no one is going to cuss or cut a body part off.

And the fashions!!! Last night we were watching Nancy Drew and I kept saying, I used to have a blazer and button up shirt just like that. See how they have a sweater with the button up shirt rolled up over the sleeves? Mama use to look just like that. Daddy just smiled - he fell in love with that girl!!

Don't forget the music. Troy has been blessed to learn the Da Doo Run Run!! All things come back around??

Well probably watch the new Nancy Drew later when these are finished up. Bet it won't be as good....

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