Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Grace Livingston Hill

I have read all but the last 2 of Beverly Lewis' books. I am waiting to get the second to last through my Paperback Book Swap.

I was wondering what I was going to read next and found a wonderful author through the writings of Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse.

Grace Livingston Hill

Anna even has a blog dedicated to GLH - Neat and Dainty as a Flower.

Mrs. Hill is a beautiful writer with a strong Christian witness in her books, a wonderful homemaking spirit and to top it all off - she's a LADY!!

You don't see many of those any more!!

Her writings take me away and give me an extra lift to do things just a little nicer than normal. Giving everything the extra touch. She makes me think of my Aunt Violet who so had that gift.

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