Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Little Early Christmas Present

The girls and I had our homeschool day at Granny's today. We went to do some Christmas cleaning for her. We were able to put clean sheets on her bed, clean her ceiling fans, vacuum and begin cleaning out her closet and packing away some summer clothes. It was a productive morning. But the main news was that Granny had a early Christmas present for them!!!

Isn't he adorable???

He's a feist. I have never even heard of that breed before yesterday. It is close to a Jack Russell. Sometimes they are used in the circus with clowns because they are so smart and easy to train.

Granny came home with us so she could see the boys reaction!!! Everyone is in LOVE!!! :-)

Stephen loves all animals. He will be so happy to have our own dog. Brenda is excited to begin training him.

Tonight we will work on a name. The top names so far are Jody, Elmo, Cutie, Dasher, SuggieBoog.... any more?

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Anonymous said...

I vote for Dasher - exactly how do you pronounce SuggieBoog? Is it like Sugaboog? I like that one too! He is adorable! How does princess like him?