Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So, here is the Deigo room. It is shared by all three little boys. Terry has a little race car bed on the right of the picture. Bobby's twin bed is across the room on the left. They have two little closets on each side of the toy box under the window.

Here you can see a little more of the set up of the room. Stephen's bed is on the far left against another wall. Their dresser is on the far wall and then a big walk-in closet is on the left of the dresser. I don't think it shows in any of the pictures. So, there is plenty of room for all the little boys and all their toys!!

Stephen (there you can see the door to the walk in closet on the right of the picture)

Each boy wanted their picture taken on their own bed. Bobby


Go Diego Go!! :-)

So, I still have a little more to do up there. I am looking for new door knobs (for old doors), there is some electrical work Artie's gonna do for me. I need new light switch and outlet covers and a light cover still. But the main part is finished now!!! I think it turned out cute!!

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