Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Past, Present, Future

I found a cute meme at Singing a Verse of My Song's blog today. I was cruising through some of the comments to Dawn's Book Study and found it.

Past, Present, Future

20 years ago . . .

1. I was attending the University of South Carolina in Columbia

2. I was very involved in Campus Crusade for Christ

3. I was spending most weekends with Artie - he would often come up after work at midnight (an hour away) - those crazy college hours we kept!! This is when we were "just friends"!!

10 years ago . . .

1. I was married and very in love with Artie

2. Living in Inman with three children, babysitting two others - Ryan and Cassie - people would look at me so strange when I went out will all five - who knew then that I would end up with my own 7!!

3. Attending Restoration church - every time the doors would open as Troy likes to say

5 years ago ...

1. I was waiting on Terry's birth - my last baby!!

2. Learning to adjust to having 4 children under the age of 3!!

3. Still in love with Artie

3 years ago . . .

1. Brian moved out - very hard time

2. Began gardening - loved it!!

3. Still in love with Artie

1 year ago . . .

1. Beginning the girls homeschooling - all boys in public school

2. Began blogging

3. Loving Artie more and more

So far this year . . .

1. I began learning about the liturgical year

2. I started exercising (another post maybe)

3. I enjoy Wednesday's when the children are in church classes and Artie and I have an hour alone!

Yesterday . . .

1. I exercised

2. I worked on my spring cleaning

3. I missed Artie while he was with his family for a funeral

Tomorrow. . .

1. I will plan our menus for this week

2. I will pay the bills.

3. I will look forward to Artie being off for Good Friday

In the next year I shall...

1. Love God more

2. Love my children more

3. Have more and more time to love on Artie!! :-)

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