Wednesday, March 05, 2008

For Today

I thought I might use Peggy's list for what she is doing for today...


I am THANKFUL...for my family - my heart

I am SEEING...Brenda eating breakfast with her hair still wet from her morning shower

I am HEARING...the morning news in the background - seems like Hillary just won't go away but I think McCain is up for the fight

I am WEARING...Artie's shirt, blue jeans, tennie shoes and a ponytail - seems like I need a little work on this outfit today!

I am READING...the Bipolar Child

I am HOPING...spring is here!!

I am Terry's speech class this morning

On my DESK...folders full of coupons, my Bible, some school books, a pile of papers to file - my desk needs as much attention as my outfit for today

I am THINKING...too much to do today to work on this desk!! :-)

I am WORKING...on laundry, dinner plans, school assignments

In the GARDEN...tiny little lettuce leaves are beginning to pop up

I am FEELING...ready for the day, a little cold, maybe my new outfit for the day will include a sweater for the morning

From the KITCHEN...Emily's night to cook - more Rachael Ray - Shrimp Creole

Out the WINDOW...Artie called on his way to work this morning and showed the boys and I Venus!!

MY SIMPLICITY FOR TODAY...seeing Terry asleep in our bed (he wakes to tell Artie and the little boys bye before work and school and then curls up in our bed to go back to sleep). He's such a doll.

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Peggy said...

I just happened upon your blog because of Dawn's study and found this entry. Cool that you used it! I enjoyed reading it as well as your book study entry.