Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today's New Flowers

After Troy's doctor appointment in Greenville this morning we stopped by two nurseries and got some new flowers for the front two flower beds.

At the first stop we got two flats of white petunias. These are my children's favorite - they remind them of their Granny - she loves flowers and CAN'T say PETUNIA!!!
We also got four different pepper plants for the garden - a yellow bell pepper, a red bell pepper, a hot red pepper and a banana pepper. I love using the hot peppers and banana peppers in our salsa!! Brenda and Emily are fixing to plant the pepper plants and weed the front beds for the flowers.

At the second stop we bought one flat of yellow pansies. They were so pretty - but expensive!! Wish I could have bought two more flats!!! Maybe the next trip to Greenville we'll stop again. That's all my gardening money for the week!!

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