Friday, March 07, 2008

Mitten Strings for God - Chapter 1

So, Dawn's beginning her book study today at By Sun and Candlelight.

Chapter 1 from Mitten Strings for God is Dailiness.

The author, Kathrina Kenison, discusses the most dear times of our lives aren't the ones where the cameras are flashing (birthday, Christmas) but the daily moments that pass by often unnoticed.

Some of my favorite dailiness activities -

going to sleep beside my best friend every night

hanging clothes on the clothesline on pretty days

getting a good bye kiss from Terry - one on each cheek, one on the lips, a hug, he tells me I'm pretty and then tells me to honk the horn when I get in the car


helping Brenda and Emily with their cooking

having devotion time with Troy and hearing all his many thoughts

folding clothes on my bed - packing away things that are too little, throwing away things that are stained, placing everything where it belongs, knowing everyone has the things they need for tomorrow

sitting down to dinner together as a family

watching Stephen and Bobby practice their wrestling

reading a good Beverly Lewis book

getting caught up in a good movie

listening to the little children as they read

Here is my favorite quote from the end of the first chapter...

"The daily rhythms of life, the humble household rituals, the nourishment I provide - these are my offerings to my children, given with love and gratefully received."


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