Saturday, March 15, 2008

State Wrestling Finals!!!

A couple of days ago, we moved the computer from our bedroom (in hopes of keeping the children out more) and into the dining/school room. In the process, I've lost the chord to download my pictures - as soon as it turns up, I'll upload the matching pictures.

Great, the pictures are here now. This is the Indian Wrestling Team!!


Last Saturday, Stephen, Bobby and I woke and left the house at 5:00AM!!! We were headed to our first State Wrestling Finals!!! They were so excited.

It was hosted at Eastside High School in Greenville (about an hour away from our home). The place was packed when we got there and continued to fill through out the morning!!

Tuesday night at practice, Bobby had weighed in at 60 pounds and Stephen at 59. Both were signed up to wrestle in the 60 pound weight class. That meant that if they weighed in Saturday at 61 - they wouldn't be able to participate!! So, breakfast was held until after weigh-ins - they made it - both weighing in at 58 1/2.

They had a fun breakfast of honey buns, bananas and orange juice.

Stephen wrestled first and Bobby had a bye. Stephen lost his first match but put up a good show.
Here is Stephen's first match. Again - this is the boy that ended up winning the whole thing for their weight class.

Stephen wrestled his second match before Bobby had wrestled at all. The moment we've been waiting all year for ----- Stephen won his first match!!!!! Yeah!!! I had prayed for him (not that he would be the best or win them all, but just that he would get the enjoyment of winning one match this season - that's okay for a mother to pray right?) :-) It was a true pin - 1-2-3 - Stephen's hand was raided in victory!!! I was so happy for him. He's worked and practiced all year for this.

Here is Stephen's first pin!!!!!

Next it was Bobby's time to wrestle finally. Because Bobby didn't wrestle all year - he started halfway through - this was his first tournament. He had a good first match, but the other wrestler won. Because of Bobby's bye the first round, he still had one more match....
Here is Bobby's first match. Look how low that boys was, I knew it didn't look good before it even began!!! :-)

Every sport's mother's nightmare. . . .

Stephen and Bobby were wrestling each other for fourth place and a medal!!!

I told them I was gonna be yelling for who ever was on the bottom. It lasted forever. Stephen started out in a furry and got most of his points, then Bobby came bursting back. Next thing you know it was tied 6 to 6 and they were going into overtime!!! Next one to score a point wins - Bobby took Stephen down and won the point and medal.

(That's Bobby on the far left)

What a hard place to be in!! We ended up enjoying the fact that both boys won their first wrestling match on the same day in the State Finals!! What a blessing to have a brother so close to you!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I can't believe they had to wrestle each other - I don't know if I could have watched! Tell them both I am very proud of them for working so hard!!

Susan said...

I think it's very cool that your boys are involved in wrestling. It's a great sport.

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hi, Kelly,
Wow! What an adventure! I sure remember those high school sports days! And what a nail-biter to be watching your sons face off against each other! I''m glad I never had to do that with my brother in tennis: even though he's four years younger, he would have done quite the whoopin' on me!
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