Monday, March 03, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

What, Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday??? Okay, I'm a little behind this week. The plan's been in effect, just not posted yet!! :-)

Friday - Friday night was girl's night out to Alice in Wonderland - we had Brenda's Fettuccine Alfredo left over from last week - it was very yummy

Saturday - Saturday was our second night out with The Taming of the Shrew - we left all the boys with a fun boys' meal - chicken wings and French fries

Sunday - Artie had made a request last week for burritos. We use to fix this a good bit when we were dating and first married. We hadn't fixed it in years.

Monday - Gwyn's Chicken Casserole - from my friend Gwyn (who is busy learning to cook food like the people from the Dominican Republic!!)

Tuesday - (wrestling night) - Brenda's new Beef Stroganoff

Wednesday -(church night) - Kids - Spaghettios, Artie and I - out alone!!

Thursday - (wrestling night) Emily's Rachael Ray - Quick Creole Shrimp -

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