Friday, March 07, 2008

Mitten Strins for God Book Study

Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight is having a book study on Mitten Strings for God. I had previously not heard of this book before Dawn mentioned it. It looked so good, I got a copy from Amazon.

Here are the chapters from the book...
1. Dailiness
2. Morning
3. Peace
4. Quiet
5. Simplicity
6. TV
7. Play
8. Secret Paces
9. Wants and Needs
10. Stories
11. One-on-One Time
12. Surrender
13. Breathing
14. Healing
15. Listening
16. Nature
17. Enchantment
18. Grace
19. Rhythm
20. Truth
21. Helping
22. Discipline
23. Stretching
24. Nurturing
25. Sabbath
26. Spirit
27. Balance
28. Choices
29. Wingbeats

This is the quote that Dawn's mentions from the introduction -

"No doubt some of the notions in these pages will seem simple. But I find it is most often the simple gesture or the small goal well met that reaps the greatest reward. And, in our busy lives, it is often the simple gesture that is overlooked, the simple need that is never satisfied ...
We all know this to be true. But sometimes we forget."

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