Thursday, January 17, 2008

DC Talk

DC Talk is raining supreme in my house lately. It's so funny. The little kids - from Brenda on down are just getting to know them. Brian and Troy grew up on them. Jesus Freak came out the year Brenda was born. But, it's had a revivial here in the Quinn home. They can be heard playing on CD's, loudly on MP3 Players through earphones, and even on DVD's on the TV. They are everywhere I turn. I am thankful that the children have good music to listen too, even though some days I'm ready to turn it down a little!!!! :-)

So here's my latest DC Talk trivia. TobyMac (all their favorite) is four years older than Artie and me. Brenda couldn't get over that. Kinda like ... but he's so cool, how can he be older than ya'll. He has five children - 2 adopted - 1 sings some with him.

I'm gonna try and get some good singing for ya'll to check them (the littles) out!!

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