Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stephen's Second Wrestling Tournament

Stephen went to his second wrestling tournament last weekend. He did so good!! It was at Eastside High School in Taylors. Troy and Brenda with us.

If you remember from his first tournament, he wrestled Bo - the boy who won the whole competition for his weight class and age. We arrived at Eastside and went through skin and nails check and then weigh it (Stephen's wrestling in the 60 lb group - Bantams). When we went to the chart to see when, where and who Stephen was wrestling - there it was...BO AGAIN first!!!

Wow, that was hard!!! The first time he wrestled - it went for about 10 seconds. This time Stephen held on for 4 1/2 minutes with him!!! Bo still pinned him, but wow what an improvement over last time!!!

I tried and tried to upload the video, but it didn't want to. Maybe because it was too long? :-) (4 1/2 minutes!!) :-)

So, anyway, he's doing great and learning so much. Bobby had so much fun watching the first tournament that he's joined too. Maybe he can be in the next matches - I think they will probably be at Belton Honea-Path in February.

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