Monday, January 28, 2008

Friday's Stamping Class

Here is a picture from the girls' stamping class on Friday night. I tried to get a good picture of Susan - the group's teacher/leader, but she kept running from the camera. I am hoping next time that we can get a good picture of the girls with her!!

Susan is so great to open her home every month and teach the ladies. They have so much fun. This counts towards the girls' art in school. (cause, their mama sure isn't a very good teacher in that subject!!!)

Here are two of the cards they made (uploaded from Susan's blog)...


Susan said...

Yay! What a great photo ... and much better w/out me in it I might add! Thanks for saying such kind words - I do love stamp night! It's good for me to have girl time.

grandmajoan said...

the lasagne looks good. i wanted lasagna saturday so i just went to nestle's outlet. maybe next time i will need to hire emily!

How do you organize your coupons and keep up with everything at CVS and Walgreens? I went saturday and got some M&M's and today I got the drinks. Later this week i going back to get the huggies diapers (for my DS and DIL). I had heard they accepted competitors coupons, but the lady at the checkout would not accept one from wal-greens. Yet, a cashier took one on Saturday. Don't forget to let me know about any good deals you run across. Thanks so much.

I had a great time Friday night. Brenda is growing up too fast! Emily is so sweet. And of course, the MOM is fantastic and I'm amazed at all you do with the children.

My word for the year is BLESSED. I realized that even thought I'm having some finance issues among other things - I am truly blessed.

Talk with you later.