Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things Checked Off Today's To Do List - So Far...

1. Heat up Artie's breakfast - Jimmy Dean Croissant

2. Gather Artie's lunch - 5 Day Rachael Ray soup leftovers (the soup was wonderful!!)

3. Run twins through the bath

4. Oversee twins drying and dressing for school

5. Help gather coats, shoes and book bags (Stephen still ran off and left his book bag here)

6. Help Stephen finish his homework - lot of good this did since he forgot his book bag!!

7. Take twins to elementary school (we overslept a little this morning and missed all the buses)

8. Stop and pick up MORE milk - I don't know anyone who goes through more milk that we do!!!
9. Take Troy to high school

10. Prepare Brenda's school assignment

11. Prepare Emily's school assignment

12. breakfast

13. breakfast cleanup

14. Check e-mail

15. Write Susan back

16. Work on a surprise for Artie (shhhhhh, don't tell)

17. hang out Brenda's comforter and one of Troy's blankets on the clothesline

18. wash Artie's work clothes

19. gather all dirty dishes and take to the kitchen

20. gather all dirty clothes and take to the laundry room

21. clean living room

22. sweep living room

23. help Terry with his morning work - dress and shoes, breakfast and breakfast cleanup, brush teeth, make bed, dirty pj's to laundry room, take bathroom trash to outside trash can, practice writing his name

24. work on blog

25. unload and load dishwasher

26. check blog feeder - By Sun and Candlelight, Real Learning and Money Saving Mom are my favorites right now

27. fix lunch for Terry - Ramen noodles - he loves these things and begs for them. I try to have them at least once a week for him.

28. work through today's mail

29. gather all dirty dishes and take to kitchen

30. gather all dirty clothes and take to the laundry room

31. set up video for Terry - Talking Letter Factory - Leap Frog

32. plan dinner - wrestling night - sounds like pizza!!!

33. lay out Artie's clothes for work tomorrow (pants and socks, the rest are in the wash)

34. fold up dry clothes

35. hang Artie's work clothes on the clothesline

36. wash twins clothes

37. ......

When I look around my house - it doesn't look like I've gotten much done today. I need to clean my porch, dining room, more in the kitchen, bedroom, wash more clothes, cook dinner, lay out clothes for Troy's ROTC Promotion Ceremony, go by the bank, go by CVS, eat some lunch ... but at least, I can look back and see I have got a lot done so far. Much more to do and the rest will still be there tomorrow!!! :-)

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