Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Teaching My Children to Read

This is the 13th year I've been a homeschooling mama. We've gone in lots of different directions over the years with all children at home and then some children at home and some in public schools. We've always had someone home except the one year Brian and Troy were both in public school - 4th grade and Kindergarten - and I volunteered at school that year with Brenda a baby in tow.

Currently we have the two girls at home and all the boys (except Terry who is only 4) in public schools. Artie and I feel that it's a man's place to be out in the world and a woman's to be home - so we might as well start them on their way. I would rather my boys learn to handle school in elementary years rather than be thrown in at high school or college age. My girls are already learning to be Keepers at Home. That still might change. Maybe as Troy gets older, he might have the opportunity to work with his daddy and then homeschool in the evenings or down time at work? Who knows, it seems to be different every year here!!

One of the things that has always scared me is teaching the children to read. Brian went to a Christian public school after a very hard first year Kindergarten homeschool program (that was wayyyy to hard for him). We went into debt to get him in this school. What were we thinking? We soon transferred him to public school and still took a couple more months to pay his back tuition. So, I didn't really teach him to read.

Troy went to public school for Kindergarten and first grade and then to homeschool. So, I didn't teach him to read either.

Brenda homeschooled Kindergarten - and didn't learn to read that year. Then she went to public school and the first grade class already knew how to read. The teacher made me feel very lousy and behind. So, I didn't teach Brenda how to read either!!!

Stephen and Bobby went to public school for Kindergarten and currently for first grade. They are reading well, but I didn't teach them.

Emily went to public school for first grade and didn't learn how to read - many in her class were - she just wasn't ready. Each child really moves at their own pace. (one of the great advantages to homeschooling) So, when school started this year, we started at the beginning with her reading. She has reviewed her letters and is doing great learning. Just today she finished her second box in Hooked on Phonics. She has learned her single letters and now her blends. Tomorrow we start on Box 3 with the ending blends - st, mp... We've enjoyed it so much. Finally I'm getting to see my child learn to read - WITH ME!!! God's so good. It isn't as near as hard as I thought it was going to be!!! We're really liking reading!!! Both of us!!!

(She's finished the yellow box and now the orange. We start the red tomorrow)

My friend Gwyn is beginning to reteach her son - who didn't learn in his public school either. Please pray for her that this time will be a joy for them.

He's such a doll!!

And FULL OF LIFE!!!! :-)

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