Monday, January 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday - Rachael Ray's American All-Star Burgers (another of Emily's recipes) These were great. I wasn't too keen on the relish (I don't really like pickles) but everyone else loved it. Emily did great cooking them on the griddle.

Monday - Amish Meatloaf - Trying this one again. Brenda didn't read the direction carefully when she tried this the first time. She cooked all the hamburger meat and was then ready to make meatloaf with it. It's in the oven right now and smells wonderful!!

I'm leaving off the days. We just kinda see what works for each day. This is what I have ingredients for this week....
Chicken and Dumpling Soup - trying it again!!!

Jim's Casserole - This is from Mrs. Connie. Jim use to like it. You fry up potatoes and hamburger and layer it all in a casserole. It's covered with Velveeta cheese. SO yummy!!!

Roast and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls

Vegetable Soup

Skillet noodle pizza

Mama's lasagna - I'm so looking forward to having this again!!!

Wednesday - peanut butter and jelly for littles - Artie and I - out to dinner

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