Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

We had a wonderful beginning today to Lent. During school, Troy, Brenda, Emily, Terry and I had a great time learning together of the meaning behind Lent. As I wrote earlier, this is a totally new observance for us. I believe it is going to make Easter so much more meaningful for us this year as we take these 40 days to prepare.

I read a good article that explains a beginning knowledge of Lent tonight, but my favorite I think was by - which explained Giving Something Up For Lent and Adding Something For Lent.

We all talked about the meaning behind everything - and then had some quiet time to decide what (if anything) we wanted to give up and add. Some kept things secret and some shared. Some are still deciding if they are going to participate. It is definitely an individual choice. We'll see how the 40 days progress.

I'm still hoping to hear of some personal connections with Lent - anyone?

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