Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get Paid $23 (or more) To Purchase The 2008 Entertainment Book

I found the greatest deal on iMommies.
I am going to copy it straight from their site so I don't mess it up.
"If you haven’t yet purchased the 2008 Entertainment Book, and haven’t yet signed up with Ebates…NOW is the time to do both! The combination of the two will earn you a free Entertainment Book, and a free gift certificate!

To make the most of all involved promotions, follow the steps below.

1.) Click HERE to sign up with Ebates. Ebates is offering another $10 bonus to all new members who sign up and make a qualifying purchase before March 31, 2008.

2.) Once you’ve signed up for an Ebates account in Step 1, search Ebates for the 2008 Entertainment Book. The current offer for the book is $10 off PLUS $6 cash back from Ebates. Be sure you go through Ebates to purchase the Entertainment Book at the now-discounted price of $15 (price may vary slightly, depending on your area), plus the standard shipping cost of $3 or less.

3.) Receive the 2008 Entertainment Book plus a free $25 gift certificate.

4.) After May 15th, receive a check from Ebates for $16 ($10 sign on bonus PLUS $6 cash back from the Ebates/Entertainment Book purchase).

5.) Just to recap, you’ll spend $18 upfront (including shipping costs), and receive the following:
a.) 2008 Entertainment Book (These are PACKED with great money-saving coupons!)
b.) $25 gift certificate
c.) $16 check from Ebates

If you want to earn even more cash back without making additional purchases, refer all of your friends to Ebates, and you’ll each earn $10! Refer two friends, and earn an extra $10 Target gift card! Refer two more friends, and earn another extra $10 Target gift card!"
It was easy to sign up. I ordered the Entertainment book for Spartanburg and got a $25 gift certificate for Chiefs Wings and Firewater.
I spent $17 plus change and got the entertainment book ($15), the gift certificate ($25) and will get $16 back from Ebates!!! Yeah, gotta love deals like that.
If anyone wants to sign up, please use me as a reference. I will get $5 for everyone who signs up. If you get more people to sign up, you can get $5 each time too.

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