Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday's Blogging

I haven't blogged much lately. It has been a very busy week.

I thought I would just look back over the week and share what's been going on...

Monday - Bobby had gymnastics. He's doing so good. He got to be on the rings for the first time!! Troy worked and brought home some pizza and shared a piece with me! Emily made her Rachael Ray's Chicken Cordon Blue Roll up - they were wonderful. Probably one of the best chicken dinners I've ever had!!!

Tuesday - Stephen and Bobby had wrestling. Both boys are doing good wrestling. They're favorite move is Rodeo. Troy worked. Skillet Noodle Pizza for dinner.

Wednesday - the children all went to church and Artie and I went out to eat. The little children had a baked potato bar. Brenda and Emily got the lettuce and pansies planted in one 4x4 square. Terry went to speech - he's doing great and learning so much. I am thinking about getting Brenda's speech tested. I don't know enough to say what's wrong, but there is something with her s's?

Thursday - boys back to wrestling, they only have a couple weeks left until the state finals. Troy worked again. Pizza night!!

Friday - we were suppose to go to our stamping class tonight, but Artie got a side job for this evening. It will be a nice break to be home though. Maybe we will get another family movie for the littles to watch.

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grandmajoan said...

we missed you and the girls at staming class. Hope to see you in March. Love ya blogs!
My son is getting ready to plant corn, green beans, etc. He makes extra money each summer with his crops.