Sunday, February 03, 2008

Where have you been?

I've enjoyed my blog so much these past months. This has been a crazy week here at the Quinn home and I haven't gotten to blog any. I've had a couple of different people checking in on me and ya'll are so sweet.

So, what's been going on? See the cute little picture intitled "Runaway"? Well, it isn't cute in the least when it's happening in your home!!

Troy got a wild thought and off he and his girlfriend went! No driver's lisence, no provision beyond a day or two, and no thought.

The nice policeman picked him up in GA and Artie went and picked him and our car up.

It's been a very hard week, but God has been so faithful. Our Sunday School class was so great to pray with us. It's such a blessing to have a church again.

It's all happened so fast, many people didn't know. I know Karen is gonna be sitting there reading this saying - why didn't ya'll call! Sorry, we were busy chasing Troy!!! :-) There were so many worse things that could have happened while he was gone. I believe Troy knows he's blessed to be safe back home. We've had some great conversations together since he's been home. He's sharing tonight with his Discipleship Group at church.

Troy has thought of running away since Brian moved out about 4 years ago, so we weren't very surprised. I think he's had his fill now. We are gonna see a counselor and see if we can help him deal with his feelings a little better in the future. We meet with him tomorrow. We're also working with a doctor, he seems to think there might be some sort of chemical imbalance?? Troy's decided to homeschool the rest of the year and see if he can get his head above water to try and pass 9th grade. I believe it will be a great time for our family to grow even closer.

So, back to life as usual here.....

What have ya'll been up to this week?


grandmajoan said...

Troy (and all the family) will be in my prayers. I knew something was amiss since you did not blog any. My word for the year is BLESSED and I know that Troy will realize he is totally BLESSED to be in the loving family he is in. Be still and know that God is in control.

kellyquinn7 said...

Thanks Joan, yes, we are very blessed.


Susan said...

Our prayers are with you as well. It's tough when a child isn't content, and you wonder why, but God has the answers. As you seek Him, you'll find peace. May God bless your entire family! {{{hugs}}}

kellyquinn7 said...

Thanks Susan, you girls are so comforting!!