Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's definitely not pink and purple anymore!!!

I've finished painting for now. All that is left is the ceiling and that is Artie's job. Everything is laid out for him when he gets in from work tonight. Hopefully he won't have to work late!!!

The door on the left goes to the hall and the door on the right goes to the bathroom.

This door goes to a big closet.

Then, there are two small closets on each side of the built in toy box. Artie is gonna have to replace the lids. They were killed a while ago!!!

There is still a good bit to do before the boys are ready to move back in (from the living room). When Artie is finished painting the ceiling, I will work on the floors. It's amazing how much gunk boys can get on a floor. It's Troy's job to mop upstairs on Saturday, but I am gonna have to go around with a scraper and get the stuck on stuff off. After the floors are scraped up well, it will be good to mop before all the furniture is moved back in.

Then furniture, then all the new Diego covers, then the wall stickies (the most fun parts of all!!). I can't wait until the boys see it all finished!!!


Anonymous said...

You are Super Woman! I can't believe you did all that!! The boys are going to be so excited!
Great job!

We are THAT Family said...

Wow. That is a great color. Perfect for boys. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

that's defineately a diego color! my kids would go nuts over it!

Susan said...

I love the room! The boys should be so excited.

corrin said...

Nobody's going to think it's a girl's room!