Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Our new washer and dryer

Yeah!!!! I have a new to me washer and dryer!!!

Artie and I made a commitment several years ago not to go into any more debt. (Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; Romans 13:8a)

It has been a hard but very rewarding journey. It's funny to see what you can do without if you choose. God has so honored our choice. When our tax money came, we were able to pay off our last credit card - which we have not used but have been paying on for several years!!
Our dryer broke a couple of months ago. It didn't break all at once. It would just tease us often. Sometimes it would work - sometimes not!! So, we just did the best we could. I have a big five line clothesline, so when it didn't work, we just hung out all the clothes (we go though an unbelievable amount of clothes!!!!).

About a month ago, it totally quit working. We knew we were fixing to get our taxes back, so we weren't too worried about it and planning on buying one then. Just waiting and hanging (which I do enjoy very much now). Anyway, the day before we got our tax money back a friend of Artie's in Charlotte got a new washer set and asked Artie if I wanted his. Of course!! So, Artie stopped by after work yesterday and picked them up. He gave it to Artie for some work he did on his air conditioner. God is so good. By not running out and going in more debt, we ended up getting one for free.

Troy helped Artie bring the old ones out and the new ones in this morning before he left for work. After Artie left, Troy changed out the power chord on the dryer and got it all set up for me. The dryer is running now!!! I can't wait to have hot clothes coming out in just a few minutes!!! I do love my clothesline, but I love the lint filter in the dryer too. Clothes seem much cleaner to me when they go through the dryer. Don't worry, we still have plenty enough clothes to keep the dryer running and keep haning out on the clothesline as well!!!


grandmajoan said...

God is good! Also, thankful for Troy that he was able to change our the power cord, etc.
I plans are to start paying off our credit cards - so keep me in your prayers about my finances. I know it will take awhile, but I am tired of living this way and have set my mind to do this.

Anonymous said...

God is so Good! I have to remind my self daily that if we will just wait on the Lord he is always on time.

kellyquinn7 said...


I will pray for you. I definitely know how hard it is, but God is faithful. We have been working towards this for several years now!!! Get a scripture and post it on your mirror to help you each day.


kellyquinn7 said...

Troy's great. He's learning so much from Artie. Hopefully he will appreciate it soon.